Dewash studies nature

Based on our continuous research, we developed the technology to separate the extraction of eco-friendly grain detergents and succeeded in developing a safer and more hygienic grain tax system than conventional detergents.

Developed from oats, which are more environmentally friendly to humans and the environment, Dewash dishwasher detergent is safer and more hygienic than conventional detergents.

Patent registration of eco-friendly grain (Oats) detergent manufacturing methods

The only detergents in the industry that have anti-oxidizing effects by converging bio-resources

Excellent anti-corrosion action to prevent corrosion inside the dishwasher

The self-purification of a stream

Solve the white coating problem with the optimal mix of raw materials

Prescription of preservative, amsilicon, and intangible photoreceptives


Dewash’s Brand Identity

Clean and clean detergent brand
that even thinks nature

By combining leaf form and symbolizing nature, it embodies the purity of nature and technology and trust of products.