DEWASH is a dishwasher detergent developed
by extracting and separating oat, a natural
product that is more environmentally friendly to
humans and the environment.


Dewash‘s eco-friendly detergent


Extracting from the oat and separating it from the oat,
it is safer than conventional detergents.


It is environmentally friendly
due to the antioxidant action of oat detergent.


In addition to reducing costs,
it also prolongs the life of the washing machine.


Dewash studies nature

Based on our continuous research, we developed the technology to separate the extraction of eco-friendly grain detergents and succeeded in developing a safer and more hygienic grain tax system than conventional detergents.

Eco-friendly grain

Antioxidant action

Anticorrosive action

Midnight action

Optimal mix of raw materials

Three nothing

Make it easy

tips on how to use your dishwasher

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Eco-friendly dishwasher detergent


Do I have to rinse the dishwasher before putting it in?

It is not necessary to rinse. However, remove any leftover bones, toothpicks, or other large chunks of food and put them in the washing machine.

Why should dishwashers like Dewash be used for dishwashers?

A dishwasher-specific detergent has less surface-to-surface agents than regular detergents. A high bubble reduces the performance and life of the dishwasher itself. Regular detergent can cause excessive bubble and spill over to the outside of the dishwasher.

The bowl won't dry.

Use dishwasher lins to help dry faster. If it doesn’t dry at all, please contact the dishwasher manufacturer.

The dishwasher doesn't clean.

Use detergent as required. If this is not the problem with the dishwasher itself, please contact us by email or phone.